Livy Burgess has lost her best friend and now she has started a new school. Her parents think it will be good for her, but Livy is not so sure. The pupils at Temple College, the oldest school in London, are rich and accomplished whereas she is not. And she doesn’t need new friends; she had a best friend who she doesn’t want to replace.

It is hard to fit in because she has things she can’t talk about. How her blood itches and burns in her veins and her heels want to rise off the floor. How she longs to climb onto the roof of the school and step into the air. How the winged stone Sentinel of Temple College has whispered to her. And she really can’t talk about the boy, who disappears like smoke, who says he will start trouble… again.




Praise for Cathryn's bestselling first novel:

'Absolutely loved The Wolf Princess and read it in one sitting.’ THE BOOKSELLER

‘… an engrossing, deeply atmospheric story.’ THE DAILY TELEGRAPH